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Sewer Rehabilitation Project in Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park - #3

9 Jun 2020 8:59 AM | Anonymous

(3rd in a series of updates on this DPW project)

There have been no Progress Meetings since Tuesday, May 19. Chris Wharton and Dave Hollander of the Task Force attended for FOGFLP. No issues of concern were reported at the meeting.

Since the last update of May 10, there have been two issues regarding access roads were reported to James Hurley, the Project Manager.

1) Sunday, May 17 tour including Forestry and FOGFLP

Moderate compaction noted and reported. Project Manager said Inspector would take note and require additional safeguards if compaction becomes worse.

2) Friday, May 29 – Called in during walk of Bridget McCusker & Jack Lattimore

Access road compaction reported. Project Manager said that any similarly compacted soil would be replaced with inspected (“weed free”) topsoil.

The Task Force received complaints about the use of white limestone as stone fill on the worksite and along stream banks. Those were passed to the Project Manager by Jack Lattimore. Concern was that the stone was unsightly and obviously not native. The predominant stone in the park is known as Gabbro so that was the stone recommended. It is unknown if Gabbro is available in the trade for fill work. The Project Manager was going to discuss the issue with the Contractor. The Task Force has not received a response on this issue.

The Project Manager contacted Jack Lattimore regarding removal of the old chlorine tank just north of Windsor Mill Rd directly adjacent to the Conservation Trail. Dave Hollander reported that the tank has no sentimental value and everyone would be happy to see it gone. Project Manager will let the Contractor know.

As part of reviewing construction plans it was discovered that a section of the VOLPE property adjacent to Dickeyville on the north side of the Gwynns Falls has been marked out for the temporary access road. Mr. Bloomberg, one of the owners was, contacted by Jack Lattimore via email and telephone message alerting him to this and suggesting that he should contact the Senior Project Manager at DPW Headquarters. The contact information was given to Mr. Bloomberg. Lattimore also volunteered to assist Mr. Bloomberg to post signs on the property requesting that he be contacted before any cutting take place. No response has been received from Mr. Bloomberg.

On the FOGFLP website under the “NEWS” dropdown menu you will find a new section, “Sewershed.” This section includes all Task Force Updates. If you have a comment that you think the Friends’ Sewer Construction Task Force can help with, please leave a comment or concern at this mailbox. We will respond as soon as we can.


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Where is the park? 

On the western edge of Baltimore, right where Interstate 70 terminates.

39° 18′ 23″ N, 76° 41′ 27″ W
39.306389, -76.690833

Mailing Address:

Friends of Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park
1920 Eagle Drive
Baltimore, Md. 21207

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